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The role of the bearing body of the 2BV vacuum pump

The ultimate vacuum of the 2BV vacuum pump is very large, mainly used for vacuum filtration, vacuum sterilization, vacuum distillation, food processing, extrusion molding, liquid degassing, etc. It is an indispensable equipment in the vacuum industry. The bearing body is one of the important parts of the equipment. What is its function?

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1. The bearing body can be adjusted by bolts and adjusting bolts to move horizontally within the suspension.

2. The bearing body of the 2BV vacuum pump can move within the suspension, but there is no relative displacement between the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

3. The radial bearing is at the pump and motor end, and the thrust bearing is at the motor end.

4. Since the 2BV vacuum pump has no relative displacement, the oil seal is fully working normally.

5. The shaft is provided with a shoulder to facilitate the disassembly and assembly of the bearing.

In short, the bearing body of the 2BV vacuum pump is adjusted and easy to disassemble. It is an indispensable part of the equipment. Therefore, when cleaning, pay attention to protect these parts, check and repair regularly, and the correct method of use can also be used. Protective effects.