Vacuum pump unit manufacturer: the correct use of Roots vacuum pump


The vacuum pump accessory is a vacuum pump muffler, which is used to control the noise of the vacuum pump. Roots pump has been widely used, vacuum pump unit manufacturers to tell you its operation method. Let's take a look at its correct operation method, be sure to remember!

Roots vacuum pump is widely used in vacuum smelting, vacuum welding, vacuum casting, vacuum coating, vacuum drying, vacuum power experiment, chemical pharmacy, electric vacuum device manufacturing, etc. Roots vacuum pump can reach the vacuum range of vacuum treatment. The great advantage of Roots vacuum pump is that it has a higher pumping rate at a lower inlet pressure and can reach a relatively high limit vacuum. The vacuum pump accessory is a vacuum pump muffler, which is used to control the noise of the vacuum pump. Roots pumps have been widely used,Vacuum pump unitThe manufacturer will tell you how to operate it. Let's take a look at its correct operation method, be sure to remember!


  Vacuum pump unitManufacturer: Preparation.

1. The operator should be familiar with the product instructions.

2. Before using the product, ensure that there are no environmental factors that may cause the product to be placed for a long time.

3. If abnormal sound and vibration are found during work, please stop the machine for troubleshooting.

4. The shell of electrical equipment should be grounded or connected to zero.

Vacuum pump unit manufacturer: preparation work before commencement.

1. Open the cooling water inlet valve and check whether the cooling water is unblocked.

2. The extended shaft seal cavity and oil cup are filled with lubricating oil, and the lubricating oil in the gear box and bearing box is added to the height of 2/3 to 3/4 of the diameter of the oil window. No. 1 vacuum oil is used for lubricating oil.

3. When used under the following conditions, corresponding measures shall be taken:

A. When there are dust or particles in the inhaled gas, a vacuum cleaner or filter should be installed in front of the air inlet.

B. If the inhaled gas is corrosive, neutralization measures should be taken.

C. When the suction gas contains water vapor and the selected backing pump is an oil-sealed mechanical pump, the backing pump should be equipped with a gas ballast device. If there is too much water vapor, a condenser should be installed.

Vacuum pump unit manufacturer: start-up procedure.

1. Start the front pump.

2. Open the valve on the pre-pumping bypass pipe of the pre-pump and the valve on the inlet pipe of the Roots pump. When the pressure in the system reaches the inlet pressure allowed by the Roots vacuum pump, close the valve on the bypass pipe, and then start the Roots pump.

Vacuum pump unit manufacturer: operation precautions.

During operation, it should be used in strict accordance with the technical operation procedures of Roots pump. Under normal circumstances, the inlet pressure of the Roots pump is below 133x102Pa, and its larger inlet pressure should not exceed its allowable larger inlet pressure.

Always pay attention to the motor load and the temperature rise of each part of the pump. Under normal circumstances, the higher temperature rise of the pump should not exceed 40 ℃, and the higher temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.

There shall be no irregular abnormal vibration during operation.

Motor overload, high temperature rise, abnormal sound, excessive vibration, etc. When re-running, immediately stop the machine to check the cause and eliminate the fault in time.

  Vacuum pump unitManufacturer: Closing Procedure

1. Close the valve ballast of the front pump oil seal mechanical pump.

2. Close the intake valve of Roots vacuum pump.

3. Stop the Roots pump first, then stop the previous pump. Wrong shutdown sequence is strictly prohibited. When stopping the previous pump, immediately bleed the air inlet of the previous pump.

4. Close the cooling water inlet valve. If the pump needs to be lifted for a long time, or in order to prevent the pump from freezing and cracking in winter, the cooling water in the pump should be completely drained.

The above is the correct use of the Roots vacuum pump introduced by the vacuum pump unit manufacturer. Want to know more details of friends, welcome to inquire.

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