Analysis of vacuum pump assembly clearance problem of vacuum pump manufacturers


The fit tolerance between the parts in the assembly chamber is a very important parameter, which directly affects the performance of the vacuum pump manufacturer's vacuum pump. It has been analyzed before, the accuracy of the parts and the rough bottom that will appear if the match is not good. Let's get to know it together. If you need it, you must watch it.

The fit tolerance between parts in the assembly room is a very important parameter, which directly affectsVacuum pump manufacturersVacuum pump performance. It has been analyzed before, the accuracy of the parts and the rough bottom that will appear if the match is not good.



Vacuum pump manufacturers: For example, the user of the 2x-15 pump replied that the vacuum is always not high. Pre-pumping found normal operation, no air leakage, oil leakage, obvious noise, temperature rise, but the vacuum degree is only 20 grid (about 8*10-2 Torr). Experience has proved that the vacuum pump oil is too dirty, there is water in the oil, the oil is used improperly, the parts in the cavity are worn, and the fit clearance between the parts is too large.

  Vacuum pump manufacturersWhen starting maintenance, you can change the oil first, because this method is a convenient and effective method. The vacuum degree of some pumps is usually not high, which can be solved by changing the oil. If you do not change the oil, you also need to replace and clean the next part or all of the disassembly and repair. After the oil change, the vacuum of the 2x-15 pump was still 20 cells, so it was decided to disassemble and check. After cleaning, measure the cavity size of the parts, and find that the end face gap is 4-5 lines, eccentric. However, considering this gap, vacuum pump manufacturers usually only need to adjust the oil circuit, so Pengyou is installed after blowing through the oil hole, but it is still 20 squares. After the second removal, check the non-squareness (not more than half of the wire, I .e. Q 005mm). If any defect is found, use a surface grinder to grind off 2-3 lines from the cavity surface, so that the matching clearance between the turntable and the cavity end cover is less than 2-3 lines, and the non-verticality is qualified. In this way, the problem is solved after reassembling and testing the pump. The vacuum degree is as high as 70 cells (about 1.5*10-2 Torr), which meets the requirements of production and use.

Vacuum pump manufacturer: This example shows that some problems are very complicated and sometimes difficult to check without careful inspection. At the same time, it can also be seen how important the fit clearance of the pump components is.

The above example includes only a few aspects of low vacuum and does not include all abnormal causes, such as air leakage. Of course, the vacuum pump oil is insufficient, the oil is dirty, the oil grade is inconsistent, the oil is mixed, the oil contains water, the friction heat causes the oil quality to be too thin, the oil circuit is blocked, there is no appropriate amount of oil in the pump cavity, resulting in sealing oil film, valve plate damage, poor oil circulation in the pump cavity, poor sealing, etc., so that the vacuum does not rise. In terms of valve plate and exhaust valve: some of the problems listed above will also make the vacuum degree impossible to improve. When the pump is repaired, the selection of fit clearance and part size tolerance is the key and should be highly valued. In addition, some of the intermediate diaphragm presses in the vacuum pump will deform the pump cavity due to excessive interference during the press-in process, and air leakage will also occur, resulting in reduced vacuum, improper assembly, inconsistent end cap screw tightness, rotor shaft displacement, Poor rotation or spring deformation, damaged or untightened mixing valve gasket, etc.

In all cases, the vacuum level of the mechanical pump is very low. As long as we find out the corresponding problems and deal with them, we can fix them. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to judge according to the specific situation andVacuum pump manufacturersObserve carefully during pump test. Do not act rashly until the situation or cause is unknown. In this way, it is often easy to damage parts, expand the scope of failure, cause adverse consequences, and even scrap.

The above is the vacuum pump assembly clearance analysis of vacuum pump manufacturers. There is a need to contact us.

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