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Pump head structure of 2BV vacuum pump

When using a 2BV vacuum pump, you need to know something about it. Let's take a look at the structure of its pump head today.

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1. The pump casing of the 2BV vacuum pump is a double-shell structure. The outer layer is a metal pump casing (front and rear pump casings), and the inner casing can be made of high-chromium alloy cast iron (including volute, front guard, rear guard), or made of rubber (including front volute, rear) Vortex).

2. The 2BV vacuum pump impeller consists of a blade, a back blade, a front cover plate and a rear cover plate. The blades are twisted blades and usually have 3-6 pieces.

3, 2BV vacuum pump shaft package 副 has three types of auxiliary impeller plus packing combination seal, packing seal, mechanical seal.

The pump head structure of the 2BV vacuum pump is introduced here first. It is helpful to know the relevant knowledge and use it efficiently. For more related knowledge, please pay attention to us.