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Advantages of 2BV vacuum pump

2BV vacuum pump is a rough vacuum pump, which is widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical, petrochemical, sugar industry, food, etc. What are its advantages?

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Its seal is mechanically sealed and the mechanical seal is mounted between the impeller and the pump body. The gap between the impeller and the pump body is determined by a mechanical seal. A disc is mounted on the 2BV vacuum pump cover. The disc is provided with suction and exhaust holes and a flexible exhaust valve piece. The function of the flexible valve piece is when the gas pressure between the impeller blades reaches the exhaust pressure, at the exhaust port. Gas has been previously exhausted, reducing the power consumed due to excessive gas pressure, thereby reducing the rate consumption.

The 2BV vacuum pump consists of pump cover, disc, pump body, impeller, mechanical seal, motor and other components. The intake pipe exhaust pipe is connected to the pump chamber through an intake hole and a vent hole on a disc mounted on the pump cover, and the shaft is eccentrically mounted in the pump body, and the impeller is fixed on the shaft by a flat key.

The gap between the two ends of the 2BV vacuum pump is adjusted by the pad between the pump body and the disc. The gap between the impeller and the disc on the pump cover is adjusted by the pad between the disc and the pump body. Covering the gap between the discs determines the amount of gas lost in the flow from the inlet to the outlet in the pump chamber and its ultimate pressure.

In short, the 2BV vacuum pump is mainly mechanically sealed, and its pad is mainly to adjust the gap between the pump and the disc.