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2BV vacuum pump exhaust smoke how to repair

There are many factors that cause smoke from the exhaust of the 2BV vacuum pump. For example, improper operation methods, insufficient maintenance, etc., how do we repair the smoke at the exhaust port?


1. 2BV vacuum pump exhaust filter is a kind of consumable parts, which has oil and gas separation function. It can prevent the vacuum pump oil from exhausting the vacuum pump body with the exhaust gas, and the filtered vacuum pump oil is precipitated and returned to the fuel tank. When the exhaust filter When the device fails, the exhaust filter will not be filtered, causing the vacuum pump oil to drain with the exhaust gas, which is why the exhaust port has white or blue soot. Generally, replacement should be considered in 3-6 months, but in industries with serious pollution, the frequency of replacement should be more.

2, 2BV vacuum pump oil carbon, black, like oil sludge, to replace the vacuum pump oil, the 2BV vacuum pump should be removed from the system, with a clean square plate connected to the oil drain hole. Unscrew the oil filler plug and drain plug to release the oil. Start the motor intermittently so that all the oil in each vacuum chamber is discharged. Then add clean vacuum pump oil 200-300CC from each exhaust pipe. The motor is intermittently started, and each vacuum chamber is cleaned again. After repeating the cleaning in 2-3 times, the cleaning oil is discharged and the oil drain plug is screwed on. Add clean vacuum pump oil from the oil filler plug to the center of the window, and tighten the oil filler plug to prevent air leakage. Pay attention to the excessive addition of oil, reduce the amount of oil added; the air inlet draws the atmosphere for a long time.

Looking at the above introduction, if the 2BV vacuum pump has a smoke at the exhaust port, we can know how to repair it, which can improve efficiency.